One platform to rule them all

We’ve combined traditional expenses and spend management tools to provide businesses with an unparalleled expense management solution.

Employees can easily submit accurate expense reports of any type on the go!

So why keep paying for multiple tools?

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Empower employees with our smart expenses card

Expend is designed to work with and without our smart expense card.

The Expend card provides flexibility that traditional payment cards cannot. Customise daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and project budgets. Toggle card settings from online and contactless payments to ATM withdrawals.

Drive efficiency through enhanced automation and capture accurate expenses as they happen.

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Gain instant oversight and control of spending across your entire business.

Expend offers all the functionality you need, in one place! Manage teams of any size, set spending limits and easily review, approve or reject expenses.

Save even more time through automated alerts, receipt-chasing reminders and our intelligent assistant.


Flexibility as standard

Create your own categories, tax types and security rules to match your organisation.

Define and automate the flow into your accounting software so you can spend your time growing your business with a tool that grows with you.


Tracy E

With such a large team travelling around the world with The Maiden Factor project at the moment their Expend Cards give us the freedom to monitor our spend and also I know that everyone always has access to funds. Easy to use and cuts down on time doing expenses for accounts!

Avatar for Scott


Expenses used to be a real pain point for us, some staff members found them so time-consuming they were submitting 3 or 4 months worth at once, leaving our accounts team with a backlog of expense payments to process... Expend has changed this just have to fill them out as you go along. Added benefits include not losing receipts... reporting easily and overall control of what each person is able to spend. We're very happy... and I would highly recommend this.

Spirit M

Spirit Group have been a customer for a number of months now and have been very happy with the product and service. A real time-saving initiative for all our staff. Would totally recommend to any small to mid-size businesses.