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Expend takes automation of the annoying expense claim process further with a combination of app, payment card and dashboard tools.

Expend allows you to efficiently record your expenses and automatically sync them with your accounting package.

Our goal is to offer revolutionary expense automation and better control on spending. A smarter expense solution which transforms the frustrating expense claim process and improves your financial efficiency.

Simplify expenses, take control and save company money.

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An app & card with an accounting brain

Expend helps you take control of your business expenses by removing the pain of recording and managing them.

No more saving receipts and filling in forms each month. No more hassle trying to sort out transactions you did weeks or months ago, or tracking down lost receipts.

Simply load your Expend account and use the card for all your business expenses – you'll get a real-time notification after each purchase with everything you need to process your expense.

Everything is instantly recorded and synced to your accounting package, leaving you more time to get on with running your business.

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Simple expenses & travel friendly 0% FX

Expend is different from other card and app combos. It is built for business and powered by a modern "accounting focused" financial system. This helps us take automation of the annoying expense claim further.

Offering a simple monthly charging model with no transaction fees or hidden surprises. As an added extra, we secured a travel-friendly 0% foreign exchange rate for our card.

Key features Get Expend

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Revolutionise your company expenses

Save time, money & hassle

Simplify expense management. Save paperwork, minimise errors and reduce company expenses.

Instant reports & filing

Real-time reports and auto filing of company expenses into your favourite accounting package.

Control & monitor spend

Control expenditure and reduce expense fraud. Set budgets, restrictions and approve purchases.

Real-time visibility

Improve company cash flow and track all transactions as they happen. No end of month surprises.

Flexible for all employees

Set budgets and limit funds to your requirements. Perfect for permanent or temporary staff.

Smart savings

No expensive credit card fees, overdraft charges or the need for large banking facilities.

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per year in expenses for the average expense filer


of employees admit they've filed an incorrect expense


of sales people spend more than 3 hours a month filing expenses


of average co operating expenses spent on travel & entertainment

Expend Card – the key to better expenses



“Excited to see forward thinking people grab an opportunity to leap expenses capture & control forward!”

Darren Fell (Crunch Founder & CEO)


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Expenses made easy. Expend is better for business.


Expenses made easy. Expend is better for business.


 Happy employees, happy accountants, happy company.