Sacred Spirits


Expense filing was taking almost a full day every month to manage, on top of the time spent by employees submitting their expenses. This was valuable time that could be spent better growing their business and supporting their international growth plans.


“We’ve been really impressed by the expenses solution that Expend have built and even I couldn’t quite believe how much time we saved, but we did. Their team supported our roll-out and always listen to our feedback for new features.

“My company expenses used to take nearly a day a month, now it only takes 20 minutes.”

– Alexander Jeffreys | Head of Business Development
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Jimmy’s Iced Coffee


The popularity of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee’s more refreshing way to “keep your chin up” has fuelled their recent growth to four product lines and over £1.5m in revenue. Their expenses had not evolved to reflect this.


“Expend has definitely helped our expenses process! I can now keep track of all the spending in real-time and the categorisation is much easier.

“The main problem I had was with the time required. Before, sorting the receipts and processing expenses used to take more than seven hours a month. With Expend, it now takes an hour at most!”

– Jamie Miles | Finance Executive



The organisation of office spending and day-to-day expenses needed to be better managed, plus integration into the Xero accounting package.


“We’ve been using Expend for a couple of months now and have recently added more cards. I’ve really appreciated the quick turnaround on getting new cards and the ease of moving funds as needed.

“The feed into Xero is working well and I’m considering rolling Expend out further as a replacement for some of our less well-used credit cards.

“Customer service and technical support has been really good and I’m glad I chose Expend.”

– Steven Hunt | Financial Controller

FYA - Fitzrovia Youth in Action


Fitzrovia Youth in Action wanted to increase the freedom for their employees to get on and do their jobs, but without reducing the oversight or responsibility. It was important they chose a solution that freed up valuable time, so that employees could do even more charitable work.


“After searching the market for over one year to find a suitable system, Expend has been a dream come true.

“We had a few teething issues but they were quickly dealt with by the team.

“I highly recommend this to any financial controller with large teams; perfect for capturing receipts and tracking expenses. It gives so much more freedom and control than the normal company credit card.”

– Adam Maiy | Finance Officer

Covent Garden Dragonhall Trust


The Trust wanted to move on from a system of the ‘office credit card’ that was used by everybody and chasing everyone for receipts, to a solution where the whole team had their own card and had responsibility over their spending.


“After thorough testing we now recommend Expend to all our clients.

“Our employees that have been using the Expend cards have seen noticeable time savings and increased cost allocation accuracy especially where the cards have replaced petty cash.

“We now spend less time chasing for receipts as the mobile app allows instant attachment and upload to Xero.

“The new dashboard allows easy allocation of funds to cards and new card requests. Lost cards can be easily cancelled and replaced. This is an excellent Xero add-on.”

– Chris Farrant | Finance Dept

Rock Rose Gin

“Expenses are tracked in real-time and allocated to events, so we can measure ROI on each event more accurately.It also doesn’t tie up our teams’ cash whilst away at events.”

– Martin Founder of Rock Rose Gin

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Local Exposure

“We had a good look around the internet and found Expend offered the expenses tools we needed as well as the Xero plug in.”

– Managing Director at Local Exposure

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