Accounting Provider:

  • Industry: Spirits
  • Location: Thurso, Caithness
  • Expend Users: 5

The Company

Rock Rose Gin, the northernmost mainland distillery in the UK, create delicious spirits using locally sourced seasonal herbs that reflect the Caithness way. The result is a great tasting gin that changes year on year while still maintaining the Rock Rose taste.

Founded by Martin and Claire, as they grew, it became obvious that they needed a much better business expenses solution so they could focus more on their award-winning gins and vodkas which were growing in popularity in the UK and internationally.


Growing Pains

When making amazing spirits, the last thing you want to worry about is managing company expenses. However, this was a problem Rock Rose Gin clearly faced as their events team grew. This growth meant that they now had to track expenses across multiple employees and events a month. Before Expend, Rock Rose Gin, had to juggle spreadsheets and reimburse employee expenses. This was not only time consuming, but at times also hard to keep track of.


Expend – The Solution

We helped automate their expenses by providing smart employee payment cards that could be tracked and managed in real-time, offering “great reporting tools and tracking” and “competitive pricing and met all of our needs”. This allowed Rock Rose to focus on their events, trust their employees to submit accurate expenses on time and more importantly focus on growing their business.