Expense management features that your business will love

We recognise you operate in a world with many types of expense, methods of payment, ways to process them and accounting tools to integrate with.

Expend is the only universal spending and expense management software for businesses.

We handle the whole process – from payment to reconciliation – for any expense type, any currency, any business.

Why continue to pay multiple subscriptions, juggle different apps, and operate without a clear financial picture?

See how you can consolidate your company expenses into Expend, a single easy, fast, and flexible platform.

The Smart Expend Card

Pay our way!

Save time and increase control with the Expend MasterCard – with next day delivery!

Our flex cards let you pool your funds to improve cashflow.

Control spending by setting budgets, restricting ATM withdrawals and online transactions.

Increase security and reduce fraud with instant spending notifications, 3D secure and remote card-locking.

Automated accurate expense reports are created instantly. Cardholders can add receipts, more details and submit them all in-app, in seconds, on the go!

Our smart expenses card

Use your own card

Pay your way!

Expend works with your existing corporate and personal cards. We’ve made it fast and easy to create expense claims using the app or dashboard.

Attach receipts, add notes, tax, categories and tracking details and submit the completed report in seconds!

Track mileage

Why pay extra for a dedicated mileage app? Expend has you covered with our easy, accurate, in-app mileage claims.

Customise the policies to suit your business, accurate records mean more mileage deductions for you, and automatic tax calculations save you time and stress.

Mileage tracking

Cash management

Cash is king!

Expend has you covered for those times when a card just won’t do.

Expend lets you easily create cash expense reports from ATM withdrawals, in any currency, complete with receipts.

Track, categorise, and monitor cash that’s owed to the business. Expend maintains a petty cash account for you, making for easy reconciliation in Xero and QuickBooks.

Real-time reporting

No more waiting for deadline-day surprises. See all your spending, as it happens. Customise reports for insights by team, category, person, month, missing receipts and more!

With Expend, you get the insights and clarity you need.

First-class integrations

Are you tired of syncing errors when you click ‘sync’? Our click-free syncing instantly sends your transaction and expense data to Xero and QuickBooks – continuously, whenever changes are made.

We’ve developed the most advanced Xero and Quickbooks integration available, for easy expenses accounting that serves the most forward-thinking businesses.

Our integrations

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