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Expend helps you take control of your business expenses by removing the pain of recording and managing them.

No more saving receipts and filling in forms each month. No more hassle trying to sort your expenses or tracking down lost receipts.

Simply use your Expend card for all your business expenses - you'll get a real-time notification to snap a photo of the receipt and that’s it!

Everything is instantly recorded and synced to your accounting package, leaving you more time to get on with running your business.

Instant reports & filing

Instant recording of expenses into your accounting package with real-time reports.

Remove the hassle of receipts

Go digital with your receipts and never worry about losing or storing them.

Smart savings

No expensive credit card fees, overdraft charges or the need for large banking facilities.

Real-time visibility

Improve cash flow with instant transaction tracking. No end-of-month surprises.

Save time, money & hassle

Simplify expense management. Save paperwork, minimise errors and reduce company expenses.

Control & monitor spend

Control expenditure and reduce expense fraud. Set budgets, restrictions and approve purchases.


Whether you're an accountant, freelancer, director, employee or just looking to manage personal expenses, Expend is the perfect company companion.

We’ll be releasing support for Xero very soon. Xero and other accounting platform users can register here to get exclusive early adopter deals and fast-track access! We’ll let you know as soon as we roll out additional support.

If you wish to export your expenses into your accounting package via a simple CSV file, or if you’re a Crunch Accounting user, then download the app now to order your card and start using Expend!

Your questions are valuable, so let us know what you want to see via help@expend.io, and our in-app chat.


Our no-strings trial

We're offering a limited number of users access to our "Early Adopter" promotion. You'll get a FREE Expend card, 2 months' FREE usage, a travel friendly 0% foreign exchange rate and special “Early Adopter” discount for life. Expend is a simple pay-as-you-go service with no tie-ins or nasty surprises.

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How it works

Expend takes automation of the annoying expense claim process further by combining a payment card with simple app and dashboard reporting tools. You manage everything via the app or dashboard.

Simply connect your existing Accounting Platform account (Xero, Crunch etc.) with the Expend app and use the Expend card whenever you pay for your company expenses. You'll get an instant notification after each purchase, with the transactions seamlessly recorded into your Accounting Platform account.

Loading or withdrawing money from your Expend account is free. Learn more by checking out our handy user guides at help.expend.io.


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per year in expenses for the average expense filer


of employees admit they've filed an incorrect expense


of sales people spend more than 3 hours a month filing expenses


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Early adopter lifetime offer. No commitments or nasty surprises.

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There are no tie-ins and no minimum subscription period to the Expend service. After 2 months', "Early Adopter" users will receive a discount on standard pricing for life.



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