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Map Expend to QuickBooks and Xero in minutes, then relax, as all of your expenses data is automatically synced for you. All changes made are updated automatically, even when adding a lost receipt from months ago.

Xero Integration

We’ve developed the most advanced Xero accounting integration available. Designed to serve the most forward-thinking people in finance.

Completely customisable to suit your accounts, and we support Xero tracking and bank feeds too.

…and without a ‘click-to-sync’ button in sight.

Our Xero integration

QuickBooks accounting integration

Our click-free perpetual sync technology seamlessly sends your transaction and expense data to QuickBooks.

Customise Expend to suit your accounts and tax mapping, then relax as all the data flows seamlessly from Expend to your accounts.

Our QuickBooks integration

Export your data

Your data belongs to you so we’ve made it easy to download all of it in a customisable CSV file.

We also provide software-specific CSVs for easy data importing to all major accounting software packages. No manipulation required!

Don’t see the service you use? Request it from our friendly support team, we’ll be happy to build it for you.

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