Mileage claims, but better

We’ve got all the elements you need for accurate mileage tracking. Search our database for your vehicle, select your customised policy rate, enter your journey details and we do the rest!

We’ll automatically create the journey map, calculate the distance, value and VAT for you.

Customised travel for the real world

Split your trip into multiple legs or add a return journey with one tap. Enrich your mileage claim with fuel receipts, notes, project details, assign tracking groups and rebill legs to different clients.

All changes are instantly synced across Expend and seamlessly on to your accounting software package, such as Xero or Quickbooks.

Our seamless integrations

Auto-complete journeys

Expend automatically calculates the distance for you. No more questionable mileage logs, loss on deductions, or wasted time.

Customise your mileage policies

Expend manages HMRC advisory fuel rates as standard and we’ll track periodically revised rates for you.

We also offer completely customisable policies to suit your organisation, where you can mark rates as VAT reclaimable where applicable.

See our mileage tracking in action