Expense management

Powerful receipt capture: submit an expense in less than 60 seconds
HMRC compliant mileage tracking with automatic VAT calculation and location autofill
Manage petty cash, out-of-pocket claims and card reports
Effortlessly making tax digital

Smart payment card

Set spending rules and budgets for custom periods
3D secure and security controls for online payments, contactless payments and ATM withdrawals
Automatic creation of expense reports after purchases
Real-time insight and alerts

Accounting integrations

Seamless click-free Xero and QuickBooks syncing
Customise your integration - choose how and when expenses are synced
Easily export data into popular accounting platform formats
Tracking codes and automatic bank feed integration

From mileage to payments, we only charge for active users and so you’ll only pay for what you use. We count a user as active if they made any expenses or used their Expend card in a given billing period. The active user policy starts after you have more than four users in your Expend account.

Our optional Expend Card comes with simple low fees and you can read about them here. To have a card, you’ll have to pass some checks but they won’t affect your credit score. If your card is lost, there is a replacement fee of £5.

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