Effortless expenses integrated with QuickBooks

Our click-free perpetual sync technology seamlessly sends your smart Expend payment card transactions and expense data to QuickBooks. Integrate Expend with QuickBooks to benefit from hassle-free expenses.

“The app and web portal are super easy to use and navigate. The cards are slick looking and employees love them. I love it the most as I can now keep an eye on what is being spent in real-time.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Seamless Integration

Log into Expend and connect QuickBooks in seconds. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, or, customise your integration as you please.

Real Time Syncing

Hassle-free accounting
Expend automatically syncs approved transactions and their receipts. (Even if the receipt is uploaded months later).

Approval flow
Request changes, reject, or approve transactions.

All your spending and expenses. Sorted.
Process expense claims of any type, from any source. Including mileage, cash and credit cards.

QuickBooks Accounting Features

Immediate spending insights
Gain real-time spending oversight with transaction data that is synced as it happens.

QuickBooks tracking compatible
Import your existing tracking codes and clients with one click. We’ll keep them updated automatically for you.

Customisable Categories
Fully tailor your expense categories, and pair them with your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

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